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DIY Kits to make your own MINIS!

     Craft your own dollhouse accessories, furniture and more with Mini Kits.

Perfect for DIY projects, we have kits to craft dollhouse miniature furniture in many different styles.  Take a look at our accessory kits to craft delightful miniature pieces to add great detail to your projects.  Many of the kits are ideal for roundtable and miniature club crafting.  Don't forget to check out our tools and glues for all of the supplies needed to complete these dollhouse miniature kits!

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Kits for Accessories
Kits for Accessories
Craft and customize your own miniature accessories! Flower kits, trunk kits, dinnerware and more!
  1/144th Scale Buildings
1/144th Scale Buildings
The detail in these 1/144th scale buildings is amazing.
  Kits for Furniture
Kits for Furniture
A variety of dollhouse miniature kits for to craft and customize your own furniture.
Tools for Crafting
Tools for Crafting
Perfect tools for crafting furniture and accessories.
  Craft Supplies
Craft Supplies
A variety of supplies for DIY projects!

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Dollhouse Miniature Structural Shape, 1/4 Column

Structural Shape, Column, 1/4"
SKU:  NE556
Price: $3.39

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Dollhouse Miniature Half Round, 1/8

1/8" Half Round
SKU:  NE494
Price: $2.90

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Dollhouse Miniature Cradle, Oak

Cradle, Oak
SKU:  CLA10502
Price: $10.74

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