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Chrysnbon Dollhouse Miniature Kits

Chrysnbon Dollhouse Miniature Kits

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Certified Handley House Retailer

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All of the best Dollhouse Miniature makers can be found on our site!

Classics, Houseworks, Reutter's Porzellan, MiniGraphics, Cir-Kit, Falcon, Brodnax Prints and More!

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Classics Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniature Furniture
  Creative Accents
Model Landscape Material
Full line of outdoor landscape materials, finished trees, flowers, bushes and shrubs.
  Creative Little Details
Miniature Ribbon, Trims and Craft Material
Miniature Craft Materials
d. Anne Ruff Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniature Craft Supplies
Creator of the Pretti Pleater pleating tool for drapes and skirting.
  Dee's Delights
Dollhouse Miniature Accessories
Roper Range, Ice Box, Porcelain Sink, Craft Products, Utility Lights and more!
  Doll House Shoppe
Dollhouse Miniature Dolls and Holiday Accessories
Large variety of miniature accessories, holiday items, curtains and drapes.
Craft Resin
Resin material and dyes to create water and beverages.
  Excel Hobby Tools
Craft Knives ahd Hobby Tools
Manufacturer of craft blades, knives and precision tools such as tweezers, clamps and more!
  Falcon Collectible Miniatures
Miniature Animals, Plants, Flowers, Dishes
Premier manufacturer of miniature food, flowers, pets, animals, masonry, dolls and more!
Famous Floors
Dollhouse Miniature Tile Floor and Carpet
Dollhouse carpeting and vinyl tile floors.
  Farrow Industries
Dollhouse Miniature Accessories and Kits
An assortment of grocery products, signs, and painted metal miniatures.
  Foltz Distributions New Creations
Dollhouse Miniature Wallpaper and Carpet
A variety of wallpapers, flowers, furniture and more!
Handley House

  Horsmann Dolls

Dollhouse Miniature Doors and Windows

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