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Our selection of dollhouse miniature drinks look so real you will quench your thirst with all these miniature beverages!

Cold, hot, and every item to stock your mini (MINI!) bar!  A hot cup of cocoa in a Christmas scene, a fancy cup of tea in a Victorian setting, a cozy cup of coffee on the kitchen table or perhaps a refreshing glass of lemonade on the front porch!  

Accessories from all of your favorite manufacturers such as International Miniatures, Aztec Imports, Houseworks, Classics, Falcon Collectibles, Hudson River and More!

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Dollhouse Miniature CocKtails and Drinks
Dollhouse beer, wine and more!
Dollhouse Miniature Cold Drinks
Water, soda, juice and more!
Dollhouse Miniature Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate
Tea, Coffee, Hot Cocoa

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