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We have taken all of our experience with Dollhouse Miniatures

and put it into some helpful tutorials about some of the basics.
If you need help with your project and do not find information here,

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Installing Wallpaper
Installing Dollhouse Miniature Wallpaper
Some helpful hints to working with Dollhouse Wallpaper. Cutting, applying and more ins/outs to adding color to your project!
  Installing a 12V Tape Wire Electrical System
Installing a 12V Tape Wire Electrical System
Adding Lights to your Miniature Projects is exciting and fun! This instruction sheet is a good addition to directions provided by manufacturers.
  Determining and Understanding Scale
Determining and Understanding Scale
The most popular scale for dollhouses is 1" scale, also sometimes called 1/12th scale, is 1” = 1’. For every foot of an actual item it is configured as equaling one inch in this scale. Learn more about Scales here.
Conversion Charts
Conversion Chart
Often times measurements are given in decimals. Here are charts to convert decimals to a ruler fractions, and also inches to millimeters.
  Choosing the Right Glue
Choosing the Right Glue
Using the correct products in creating miniatures will ensure you the best results with your finished projects.
Personalizing Crysnbon
Tips and Information on making use of the affordable Chrysnbon Line.
Applying Shingles
  Applying the SW Mortar System
Applying the SW Mortar System
Magic Systems is a unique, easy to use way of adding brick, stone or stucco to your projects.
  Crafting a Victorian Dresser Set
Crafting a Victorian Dresser Set
Take a basic Chrysnbon Dresser Set Kit and transform it with a little effort.
Suggested 'Basic Tool Box' for MINI Crafting.
Suggested 'Basic Tool Box' for MINI Crafting.
This 'Basic Tools' List is ideal for Beginner Miniaturists and/or for bringing to a class or workshop!
  How to Thatch a Cottage
Dollhouse Miniature Roof Thatching
How to Thatch a Cottage. Ideal for Irish Cottages, Fairy Houses and Gnome Cottages!

Often times measurements are given in decimals. Here is a chart to convert the decimal to a ruler fraction.
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