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What Glues to Use With Which Projects?

Using the correct glues in creating miniatures will ensure you the best results with your finished projects. This page is a quick reference for common miniature projects. For a complete listing of the many fine glue products we carry go to our glue category. Always keep in mind when glue is used on any wood material, anywhere there is glue residue you cannot apply stain and get coverage. Carefully wipe off any water base glue seepage as you work on your project. When using petroleum based glues such as Quick Grip, apply carefully to avoid any glue seepage on areas you hope to stain later. Another tip when gluing wood projects: it is wise to avoid pre-painting any edges that will be glued together. It is difficult to get a good bond on a painted surface.
Plywood Shell & Walls Tacky Glue,Wood Glue
Siding Quick Grip
Shingles Tacky Glue,Clear Gel Tacky
Wood Trim Tacky Glue,Quick Grip
Windows & Doors Tacky Glue,Quick Grip
Wallpaper, Ceiling Paper                     YES Glue  
Carpet Two sided tape    
Tile Aleene's Platinum Bond
Brick Aleene's Platinum Bond, Tacky Glue,
Stone Mortar Mix  
Hardwood Floor: Strips Aleene's Platinum Bond  
Sheets Aleene's Platinum Bond
Light Fixtures (to ceiling) Tacky,Quick Grip,Silicone Gel
Hanging Pictures QUIK-STIK, Blue Tack  
Plastics Aleene's Platinum Bond,Plastic Cement
Metal Multi Purpose Cement

Name Type
Tacky Thick white glue, dries clear and does not get brittle over time.Very good for most craft purposes
Wood Glue For use with bonding wood to wood. Glue is generally yellow and dries yellow. It has wood fiber in it for a superior hold.
QUIK-STIK Wax based, nonhardening temporary adhesive
Quick Grip Solvent based glue. Dries clear. Thick consistency
Bond 484 Thick spreadable white tacky glue
Bond 527 Plastic Model Cement
Spray Adhesive Aerosol glue used for light, even coverage for landscape materials and fabrics
YES Glue Very thick spreadable glue. Perfect for paper crafts. Alternate name: Grandmother Stover’s
Tinted Glue White glue with colorant added, ideal for miniature furniture crafting
Zap-A-Gap "Super Glue" type adhesive, there are a variety of additives for this line.


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