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Dollhouse Miniature CK100
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Item #: CK100
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  If you're looking for that one kit to wire your entire dollhouse

The CK100 Deluxe Wiring Kit is the answer.


This high-powered kit contains all the basic items included in the Large House Kit, plus a larger 40 watt transformer, and provides a substantial cost savings for those wishing to equip their dollhouse with working outlets and plugs. Its triple quantity of tape will wire a 12 to 15-room dollhouse and the powerful 40-watt transformer will light up to 64 12-volt or 100 16-volt bulbs. The CK204 tester makes easy work of all electrical testing. In addition, eight of our popular plugs and outlets are included in each kit for that final touch of realism.


3 CK1001 15' Roll Conductive Tapewire
8 CK1003 Cir-Kit Wall Outlets
8 CK1004 Cir-Kit Plugs
1 CK1007 Junction Splice
1 CK1008-1 Transformer Lead-In Wire (withswitch)
1 CK1009D 12V, 40W Plug-In Transformer (withbuilt-in circuit breaker)
1 Light Fixture
1 CK1014-1 Pilot Hole Punch (withneedles)
1 CK1015 Instruction Book
2 CK1021-1 1/8" Brass Brads (approx. 60)
2 CK1023-4 Small Hollow Eyelets (approx. 60)
1 CK1025-4 No. 55 Bit
1 CK204 Test Probe


Cir-Kit Concepts accounts for nearly all the dollhouse wiring kits sold worldwide. We are proud to offer their fine products including: dollhouse lighting fixtures, wiring instructions, tape wire, miniature outlets, miniature plugs, miniature switches, dollhouse Christmas lights, dollhouse light bulbs, and miniature electrical products.


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