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   For every corner of your dollhouse, we have a great selection of Miniature Furniture in all styles and prices.

   Design your dream room in miniature: bring back the memory of Grandma's Kitchen,

recreate an office, celebrate a holiday; so many ideas can be enjoyed through miniatures!  We have an extensive selection of kitchen sets and appliances, bathroom fixtures, dining tables and chairs, beds, dressers and night stands, and nursery sets!  Well, you could definetly say we have it all, including the kitchen sink!  

   Our selection covers whichever period you are decorating with in your dollhouse project.  All of the intricate Victorian details, the smooth lines of Craftsman or the warm colors of country, we have it and more!

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Furniture for your dollhouse sewing room, spinning wheel, sewing machines, etc.
Unfinished dollhouse furniture, benches, toy box, chairs, beds, armoire, dresser, blanket chest, round tables, and more

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Dollhouse Miniature Structural Shape, 1/4 Column

Structural Shape, Column, 1/4"
SKU:  NE556
Price: $3.39

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Dollhouse Miniature Half Round, 1/8

1/8" Half Round
SKU:  NE494
Price: $2.90

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Dollhouse Miniature Cradle, Oak

Cradle, Oak
SKU:  CLA10502
Price: $10.74

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