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There are many ways to wire a doll's house for electricity. Before you choose one, know what advantages each wiring system has. For a full electrical system, you will also need to choose a dollhouse transformer. This is best done after you decide on your lighting system and the number of bulbs you will be operating.


Main Wiring Systems


Round wire is a direct wiring system where each fixture is wired back to a controller or lighting strip. Plug-in lights are possible, and faults are easily found. Wires will need to be hidden under moldings or flooring, or in-wall/floor channels. Each lamp wire will emerge from the bottom or back of the house, wherever the wiring board is located. Wiring boards can be set up for switchable systems to operate or dim lights individual, or a remote-control system can be set up. Inexpensive white plastic wiring boards should be avoided except for test purposes.


Tape wire uses thin copper tape with adhesive backing to carry the electricity around the house in a ring. The tape can be double and plastic coated, or single and uncoated (must be coated with shellac or varnish to protect it from corroding in contact with wallpaper pastes or paints). Individual lights connect to the wiring ring. Reliable joins between tapes can be a problem. Plastic or mylar coatings can interfere with connections. All lights on a ring will function as one circuit and find faults is more complicated than with round wire systems. Remote control of individual lights is not possible.


Hybrid systems use tape wire circuits inside the dollhouse connected to channels on an exterior power distribution unit. Each set of tapes is connected to a round wire which brings in power from the power supply on the back of the house. Remote or switched controls are possible, and several lighting effects (dimming, flickering) are easily achieved by wiring in special units.


Battery systems run individual lamps or sets of lights are available using watch case batteries or standard cell batteries. As these must be switched on manually, large systems of individually operated lights are not practical. Single battery operated can be easily set to highlight items where wires would be unsightly or hard to install. Sets of battery operated lights should be carefully chosen for how long the batteries will last before needing replacement or recharging.



 The most fascinating part of dollhouse miniature building, model making or diorama projects is the12V electric wiring!  Whether you use the convenient copper tape system or using hard wire in your project, our dollhouse lighting and components are what is needed to do the job!  Create an exciting look with Dollhouse Miniature Lighting. Lamps, Chandeliers, Battery Operated Lights, wiring supplies and more.  All the best manufactured products to create effective lighting in you dollhouse.  Cir-Kit Concepts, Miniature house, Houseworks and Aztec Imports.  From complete kits to individual components such as switches, outlets, plugs and adaptors.

   Follow our easy to read guide to installing the popular 12V Tapewire system with our 'How'To' Wiring Information

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