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A Novel Idea Books
Dollhouse Miniature Books
Any book you could possible want in your library!
  Aleenes Glue
Aleenes Glue
Aleene's is the trusted name for craft glues.
Dollhouse Miniature Shingles
Excellent selection of Doors, Windows and More!
Andi Mini Brick and Stone
Andi Mini Brick and Stone
1" Inch Scale Dollhouse Miniature Brick and Stone
  Aztec Imports
Town Square Dollhouse Furniture
Aztec Imports, Inc. produces quality 1" and 1/2" Scale dollhouse miniatures. A large selection of affordable furniture, dolls and accessories provides excellent choices for collectors and beginner enthusiasts.
  Barbara O'Brien
Dollhouse Miniature Curtains and Drapes
Curtains and draperies handcrafted by Barbara O'Brien Miniatures are made in the USA! Choices range from simple Cape Cod to drapes with cornices. Curtains include wooden dowel rods with bead ends.
Black Diamond
Brass Findings for Miniature Projects
Intricate brass findings for jewelry, trunks and hardware.
  Boynton Books
Dollhouse Miniature Crafting Books
Boynton publishes 'How-To' Miniature Books.
  Bright Delights
Dollhouse Miniature Food, Flowers, Glass and Ceramics
An amazing selection of miniature flowers, food, porcelain, and more!
Brodnax Prints
Dollhouse Miniature Wallpaper and Rugs
Brodnax Prints are 1/4" Scale, 1/2" Scale and 1" Scale high quality wallpapers and cotton and silk miniature print fabrics.
  By Barb
Dollhouse Miniature Nursery, Judiac and Dinnerware Items
Handcrafted miniature ceramic dinnerware, Judaic miniatures, furniture and accessories.
Dollhouse Miniature Accessories for the Kitchen
Unique Handcrafted miniature accessories.
Cats Paw Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniature Trunk Kits
Lithograph and wood trunk kits and brass hardware and embellishments.
Dollhouse Miniature Accessories and Furniture Kits
The Chrysnbon line offers a wide array of furniture kits and accessories to use in every project and dollhouse.
  Cir-Kit Concepts Inc
Dollhouse Wiring and Electrical Supplies
Offering dollhouse wiring kits, lighting fixtures, miniature light bulbs, dollhouse Christmas lights and outlets, plugs and switches.

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Dollhouse Miniature Cradle, Oak

Cradle, Oak
SKU:  CLA10502
Price: $10.63

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Dollhouse Miniature Tin Roof Panel, Gray, 12 X 16, 1/Pk

Tin Roof Panel, Gray
SKU:  MH5335
Price: $9.56

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Dollhouse Miniature Structural Shape, 1/4 Column

Structural Shape, Column, 1/4"
SKU:  NE556
Price: $2.68

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