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If you want your scale models rusted & weathered nothing does it better than Rustall!

Rustall is an easy to use rust & weathering product. First patented in 1991, It is an easy to use four step weathering wash process designed to simulate a random, natural aging effect on scale model tanks, model trains, trackside junk, scale autos or trucks and one inch scale miniatures. This is ideal for weathering and aging the Chrysnbon furniture and accessory kits!

Rustall will simulate rust on styrene, metal, cast resin and even paper.

The Rustall rust & weathering system is non corrosive, non flammable, dries fast and won't craze plastic models. It requires no special equipment to produce professional results and cleans up with soap and water.

The Rustall set contains four, two ounce bottles which include:
1. Rust Wash-The Rustall formula is designed to leave a random rust effect on all light or dark colors and won't craze plastic or paint.
2. BlackWash-BlackWash adds dimension to your project by bringing out depth and texture around bolts, hatches and other fine detail.
3. DeadFlat-DeadFlat will result in a random and natural flat finish. Several coats will age and fade furniture, siding, frames, tires, dirty up windows and windshields and simulate sun faded uniforms and clothing.
4. Dust-Dust is clay silt that is ground and sifted several times into a fine dust.

Here is an example of the aging effects you can get with the Rustall products:

Dollhouse Miniature Craft Product to Rust and Weather

The plastic chair is from Chrysnbon and was painted gray with a light wash of white overall. Weatherall was applied to age and bring out detail.

The trash box has several coats of Weatherall. Nails were simulated with a hard, sharp pencil and #1 RUST solution was applied and allowed to run. #1 RUST was applied to the trash and washed with #2 BLACKWASH.

The rubber tire was aged with several coats of #3 DEADFLAT and dusted with #4 DUST.


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