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Dollhouse Miniature Stripwood, 3/64 X 1/16
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Item #: NE162
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Size: 3/64" H x 1/16"W x 24" L
The Finest Precision Scale Hardwood for Dollhouses, Hobbyists, Architects and the Model Industry.
About Northeastern Wood
All wood is accurate to 1/200 of an inch made of the finest Basswood.
Wood strips up to 1" wide are cut to precise dimensions. Sheets 2" wide or more are cut to a close tolerance and are smoothly sanded on both sides.
Because of the natural characteristics of wood and the tooling employed in cutting, most strips and sheets have one surface smoother than the other. Modelers are advised to inspect stock to take advantage of this.
Note: Since wood is a natural product, a certain number of minor flaws and blemishes are inherent. We try to keep these to a minimum.


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