Chrysnbon Dollhouse Miniature Kits


The Signature Product in Miniature for
Furniture Kits and Accessories


A "Little" History on the Chrysnbon company!

In the 1970's initially inspired by a scale model of a theatrical organ made by her son, Judy Berman entered into the imaginative world of dollhouse miniatures. She expertly crafted 1:12 scale furniture and complimenting accessories replicating antiques in her beloved full scale collection. She wanted to share her pieces and soon realized it was prohibitive for everyday collectors to afford such time invested pieces. She decided on making her kits and accessories in polystyrene for its flexibility, detail and affordability to everyone. Her mainstream creations have been rivaled by none. Her exceptional Chrysnbon line offers a wide array of furniture kits and accessories to use in every project and dollhouse.

You will be amazed at the intricate detail of these "True To Scale" 1" miniatures!


Chrysnbon Accessories

Kitchen, Serving Pieces, Glasses, Pitchers, Stemware, Candles, Candlesticks, Bed & Bath, Pictures, Frames, Lamps & Lighting, and other miscellaneous accessories.


Chrysnbon Door & Window Kits

Door & Window Kits
Double Hung Windows with or without mullions, Colonial Crossbuck Doors with or without mullions, Hardware for windows and doors.


Crysnbon Furniture Kits

Furniture Kits
Clocks, What Not & Hall Stands, Tables, Chairs, Teacarts, Cabinets, Stoves, Kitchen Appliances & sinks, Sewing Machine, Pump Organ, and Bathroom Kits.


Crysnbon Miscellaneous

Cherry/Fruitwood Stain Packets, Display Rack with Organizer, Display Rack Replacement Bulbs, Assorted Mini Decals.


Crysnbon Mini Accessory Kits

Mini Accessory Kits
Cookware, Cake Plates, Telephone, Straw Hat, Scissors, Dress Forms, Punch Bowl Sets, Clothes Hooks, Candy Dishes, Chamber Pots, and Dresser Sets.


Crysnbon Furniture Mini Kits

Furniture Mini Kits
Grandfather Clocks, Rocking Chairs, Straight Chairs, Cushion Kits for Chairs, and Tables.

Crysnbon Assembled Furniture

Assembled Furniture
Skirted Tables (choose from eight beautiful linen patterns), and Candlestick Tables.


All Crysnbon Categories

All Categories
Step back and view all Categories of Chrysnbon products: From Accessories through Furniture and Furniture Kits.



Tips for working with Chrysnbon Kits and accessories

All Chrysnbon Kits are crafted from molded polystyrene.

  • They are easily assembled using any quality plastic cement.
  • Finishes can be transformed using any water soluble paint or stain. Please note that some chemicals found in oil base paints or stains can melt the polystyrene. We suggest testing stains. Painter's Pallet Paints work great on all Chrysnbon products.
  • Use small brushes.
  • Use sharp craft knives. The blade is used to trim all flashing when preparing kits.
  • Use the Chrysnbon How To Books for more creative ideas. Chrysnbon Cut Ups, Chrysnbon Cut Ups II.

Gift & Group Project Ideas