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Dollhouse Miniature CK1025-2
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Item #: CK1025-2
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Size: 1 1/4"H x 0.016"W

These tiny bits are helpful aids for installing any of the various Cir-Kit Concepts' wiring and lighting fixtures. Their use greatly enhances and simplifies installation in all types of wood.

The 1/32" bit provides the proper size hole for wall sconce wires. This hole allows the pulling of sconce wires through a wall and electrically connecting them into a conductive tape run on the opposite side of a wall. (The wires are inserted into copper strip holes made with either a push pin or No. 70 bit)

Cir-Kit Concepts accounts for nearly all the dollhouse wiring kits sold worldwide. We are proud to offer their fine products including: dollhouse lighting fixtures, wiring instructions, tape wire, miniature outlets, miniature plugs, miniature switches, dollhouse Christmas lights, dollhouse light bulbs, and miniature electrical products.


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