No. 55 Drill Bit

Price: $3.18
  • SKUCK1025-4
4 units available
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Size: 1 1/16"H x 1/16"W

These tiny bits are helpful aids for installing any of the various Cir-Kit Concepts' wiring and lighting fixtures. Their use greatly enhances and simplifies installation in all types of wood.

The No. 55 bit is used in making starter holes for the CK1023-6 Spring-Loaded eyelets and for the small hollow eyelets used at tape run interconnect points. Measures .052" in Diameter.

Cir-Kit Concepts accounts for nearly all the dollhouse wiring kits sold worldwide. We are proud to offer their fine products including: dollhouse lighting fixtures, wiring instructions, tape wire, miniature outlets, miniature plugs, miniature switches, dollhouse Christmas lights, dollhouse light bulbs, and miniature electrical products.

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