10W Transformer With No Lead In Wire

Price: $26.87
  • SKUMH40110
250 units available
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12V/10W, 1,000 milliamps, will support 16 12V GOW bulbs, 23 16V GOW bulbs, or 5 spotlights/bright flourettes

Miniature House by Handley House is the premier company for 12 Volt electric dollhouse miniature lights and wiring needs. They are unrivaled in their selection. Having been one of the founders of manufactured, universal scale wiring needs they are sought after by all dollhouse, model and diorama creators. There is a selection for every decorating style. We have put together an easy to follow guide to Installing a 12V Tapewire system. As well as an extensive line of electric needs, Miniature House has a beautifully detailed line of floor coverings.

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