Adapter Cord With One Plug

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These cords have been developed primarily for those instances where running power by wire may be more convenient than running it with tape; for example, where two miniature rooms are to be electrically connected together and work from one transformer. Another use might be between the top floor of a dollhouse and a removable roof or attic section. Headless brass pins are supplied with the CK1028 and CK1028-1 cords and are installed into the tape runs to be joined. The plugs are then plugged into the pins to establish the interconnection.
The CK1028-5 Bridging Cord is used for interconnecting two tape mounted CK1007 Junction Splices (not included). Its use provides an extremely easy to install and low profile connection when completed.
The connecting cords are 18" long and illustrated instructions are provided with each package.

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