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  Dollhouse Miniature
  We are happy to offer a superior selection of dollhouse miniatures for all levels of dollhouse hobby builders and collectors.  Quality dollhouse furniture, all of the mini accessories and every hobby builder's needs you are looking for to craft your project, we have it all!
  Our family owned online Dollhouse Miniature Shop is the place for all of your of miniature needs. We provide quality products from your favorite makers such as Handley House , Aztec, Houseworks, Cir-Kit and more! We have a vast selection of miniature supplies and offer great prices and fast shipping!

Everything for your dollhouse including, building supplies, electrical supplies, and decorating needs such as wallpaper , flooring , and window treatments are available for all of your projects.


Our exceptional variety of dollhouse furniture and miniature accessories cannot be rivaled. Whether you are creating a dollhouse, diorama, model or a themed room box, you can find just the perfect miniature pieces! Our experience and expertise in the world of dollhouses and miniatures spans over 30 years. We have included all of the popular min iature lines , as well as hand crafted, one-of-a-kind miniatures.

Having hands on miniature experience and being involved in all aspects of creating dollhouses and miniatures for over 30 years sets us apart. Just Miniature Scale is the friendly, fun, and reliable place to shop and share your love of miniatures-We love them as much as you do!

Our miniatures are primarily 1/12 Scale, also referred to as one-inch scale (or 1" scale), means 1 inch = 1 foot.

We do have a variety of  1/2” Scale, 1/4” Scale  and 1/144” Scale.

These exceptions are noted in their respective categories as well as their product descriptions.

Please see our  Understanding Scale  page for more information.

*It is important for us to note that many of our products are not intended for small children and may pose a choking hazard.

*Our items are intended for the hobbies of Dollhouse Miniature Building, Collecting, Scale Models such as  model railroad design, for use in Dioramas, Fairy Gardens and other craft projects.


We hope you take some time to look around at the selection of Doll House Miniatures we carry on our site. For the ultimate Miniature experience we offer Projects and Tips for your wiring , wallpapering , roofing and various building projects. Our Blog and Social Media pages delight with interesting facts, collections and history of all things dollhouse related! Not only do we carry the premier manufacturers such as Houseworks , Classics , Town Square , International Miniatures and Chrysnbon , we feature new and unique products from artists all over the world. And of course we have the tools, glues, supplies and the kitchen sink-literally that you need! We would love having you join us on Social Media and share your projects, ask your questions, and offer your opinion of how we are doing-no question or idea is too 'small'!

Our motto: Everyone Needs A Hobby-Make Mine MINIS!

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